Avenue A & Third Street, Bombay Beach, California, November 2011

Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, December 2012

Woodward Avenue was the first street in the United States paved specifically for automobiles. It was also the site of the J L Hudson Department store, an impressive 33-storey Chicago School building and the largest retail outlet in the Midwest. In 1998 its televised demolition marked the city’s social and economic decline. The event also prompted the closure of the store’s train connection to the Detroit People Mover elevated railway, which had opened the previous year in a failed attempt to regenerate downtown. Federal subsidies were later used to develop the site into a multi-level underground parking garage.

Dixie Queen, Austin Peay Highway, Memphis, Tennessee, December 2010

South Bellevue Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, December 2010

Salvation Mountain, Niland, California, November 2011

Ohio, December 2012

West San Antonio Street, Marfa, Texas, November 2014

US 90, Marfa, Texas, November 2014

Tethered Aerostat Radar Station, US 90, Marfa, Texas, November 2014

The Tethered Aerostat Radar Station is one of several airborne surveillance stations based along the border between the US and Mexico. Weather permitting, the aerostats (moored balloons) fill with helium, rising as high as 15,000ft to scan for low-flying aircraft and suspicious ground- level activity.

Petrochemical Plants, Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas, November 2014

The Buffalo Bayou flows 53 miles from the centre of Houston, down the Houston Shipping Channel and into Galveston Bay where it then pours into the Gulf of Mexico. Since the early 1900s a series of successive oil booms has given rise to a stretch of riverside petrochemical plants and associated infrastructure now vital to local and national economies. Along with the band of the Mississippi River that runs from Baton Rouge to New Orleans (nicknamed Cancer Alley), the Buffalo Bayou is one of the most heavily industrialised waterways in the United States. A study by the University of Texas found that children living within two miles of the river had a 56 per cent higher risk of developing acute lymphocytic leukemia than those living farther from the channel.

Petrochemical Plants, Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas, November 2014

Concord Resort Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, New York, November, 2013

Salton City Airport, Salton City, California, November 2011

The construction of an airport was part of the original development plan for Salton City. Although it features a gravel runway, the terminal building was only partially completed. Given the pockmarks and penetrations in the concrete blocks, the structure now appears to serve mainly as a shooting target.

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